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Friday, July 29, 2005


The other day I was trying to figure out what i wanted for my 30th birthday, so i asked Linda to help me. 'what about a toy to play with?' she said and already a voice in my head was saying 'don't be silly, this is my 30th, i'm grown up now, i don't need toys' but before i could say anything, another voice said 'well toys can come in plenty of different shapes and sizes'. This one is a pretty grown-up 6.5m long and she's boat shaped. say hello to Agata:

it's not actually my birthday for another week, contributions to the boat fund are very welcome - we have started work on the electrics: lights, stereo, refrigeration etc. for the interior, we're going for a kind of hippy theme with fake grass covering the floor and benches.

she's already been put to good use a few times. on the day i bought her, Owen asked his girlfriend Claire to marry him. he had secretly arranged for me to meet them in town and Agata provided a leisurely cruise back to their flat. last surprise in an evening of surprises. i don't think they noticed how terrified i was when it came to parking. a month later i'm still a bit of a novice in that area.


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