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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

latest from the dam

autumn has been fun in Amsterdam; I went to the wildlife sanctuary to meet Linda's colleagues and some of the people who look after them. it's an amazing place, on a peninsula in the middle of a big park. they have plenty of different animals; some I wasn't allowed to get too close to, like this bird of prey.

more photos...

next was Halloween, in which we stayed in and carved a pumpkin. brought back good memories :)

more photos...

exactly a year after Linda and I first met in Australia, around the 11th of the 11th, we had a visit from Debbie, Chris and Amanda - some of the original Darwin crew. it was a good crazy time, like being back in Australia but without so much space to go wild... we ended up annoying the hell out of the neighbours and having to appologise after.

debbie, amanda, linda more photos...

all is back to normal again now. Agata is all wrapped up in a tarpaulin so I can finally stop worrying about water getting into the hull. The freezing weather hasn't stopped Linda going out to take care of her animals although it now looks like she might be coming down with something. poor Linda :(
We went Haarlem at the weekend to do some Christmas shopping, and get some much needed supplies for ourselves and Agata. Haarlem is great for shopping, smaller than Amsterdam but less expensive and there are loads of cool little shops. I got a drill for grinding the many layers of coating from Agata's underside. Linda got a snowboarding jacket, essential to survive the freezing winds blowing up the canals.

linda modeling my new toy more photos...


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