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Saturday, July 21, 2007

How to add a WeatherPixie to your Facebook Profile Page

The WeatherPixie

WeatherPixie by Tamsin Bowles is a personalised graphical representation of meteorological conditions where you are. There are loads of pixies to choose from, some with remarkable dress sense. The weather information comes from a public database of airport weather stations so with any luck there's one not far from you.

WeatherPixie isn't available as a Facebook application (yet) but it's still relatively easy to add one to your profile page. Here's how:
  1. Next to the Applications link in the left hand navigation, click "edit", then click "Browse More Applications" and search for an application called "HTML Box"

  2. Add the application to your profile

  3. Click "edit code" - this will display a textbox something like this:

  4. In a new browser, go to and click My Pixie.

  5. Use the dropdowns to configure your pixie the way you want it then click "Set my Pixie".

  6. In the right hand navigation click "View HTML code for this Location".

  7. A textbox should have appeared containing some HTML code. Select all the code and press Ctrl-C to copy.

  8. Now switch back to Facebook, paste the code into the HTML Box application, like this:

  9. Click Update

  10. Click Edit Code again

  11. Next comes the hardest part - you need to tell Facebook to keep updating the image as the weather changes. To do this, look on the second or third line of code and select all the code between these quotes: src=" ". Make sure all the code is selected but don't include the quotes, then press Ctrl-C to copy.

  12. Click the link to "Add Media" in the top navigation

  13. Scroll down and paste the copied code into the "Image URL" field at the bottom of the page. Then click Add.
The pixie should have appeared in your profile, if you use the example code above - it will look like the one at the beginning of this page.


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