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Monday, October 31, 2005

pocket sized smartphone with a touchscreen and stylus?

This isn't a technology blog but there's one thing that's been annoying me for ages in the world of gadgets and i thought i'd register my gripe somewhere...

For ages I've been waiting for a device that will combine a PDA with a mobile phone in a way that makes sense. My requirements are simple:
- it has to synch with my laptop
- fit in my pocket
- and have a touch screen (with a pen / stylus)

How hard is that?

Over in China you can already buy one of these:

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It's the right size and it has a touchscreen. It also has a camera and a decent amount of storage too - which is a bonus.

Over here in Europe it's a different story. Why is it that we seeing phones with 2.0 megapixel camers but no touchscreen?

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Think how many quick tasks you can get done without going near your computer's keyboard. In my view the same goes for a phone; if I want to move an appintment in my Nokia's calendar, it takes 13 key presses. Compare this with 5 strokes of the pen on my PDA - no contest. Anyone who's ever owned a Palm OS device knows what I'm talking about.

The closest thing we've got over here is this:

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But just look at it! It's so damn ugly and big and horrible and what the hell do I want with the keyboard? I'm not going to be writing war and peace while I'm on the bus!

It's strange to me that phones of the kind that I want (many of them based on Linux or Palm OS) never make it over here. Samsung has released a number of clamshell phones with touchscreens but none of them made it to market in Europe as far as i know. The i530 came close and was promoted at the Athens Olympics last year.

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They have had a few similar phones in the US for a while now:

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China seems to be where it's at though. Most of these Linux based phones are small and have touchscreens:

... but if I go into my local phone shop, I can't buy any of them. Why not? are we European consumers too uneducated to appreciate the value of a compact device with a full set of features?