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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Flaine 2006

Sunday, January 01, 2006

christmas and new year

christmas eve
christmas day
new year

bernie's dance
happy new year
bring your own fireworks
man blows up boat
man blows up boat again

it's tricky trying to make these into a coherent story. it began sometime late in December when we finally finished the jigsaw; so, having finished work, we packed up our presents and flew to ireland on christmas eve. First stop, the pub - for a pint of Guiness.

on christmas day, after opening a few presents and maybe a beer or two, we headed to the athletics club for the traditional GOAL mile.

that was a great way to start the day, then we went round visting friends and family to wish them a merry christmas. i was meeting a few people for the first time and was made to feel welcome wherever i went. i realised how much i was mising familiar food and got stuck in to just about everythng on offer.

we continued for several days, travelling, visiting, eating and drinking. bernie even drove us down to Wexford to visit ollie and terry (linda's uncle and aunt). that was really nice, especially walking in the soft irish drizzle.

yesterday we flew back to amsterdam to meet up with chris and alex and greet the new year with a little anarchy